Wulong For Life Tea Brewing Tips

8 06 2010

Wu-Long tea has such deep and fascinating flavors that you must know the correct steps to perfect it. Some of the flavors you will get out of this tea are juicy peach, subtle orchid, smooth honey, and other earthy flavors.

Some flavors will be more dominant in your tea depending on how much tea you use and also how long you brew it for.

If you like a strong, flavorful cup or a light, delicate cup, these brewing tips will help you make the perfect cup each time!

What You Need To Brew The Perfect Cup:

A Wu-Long tea bag or loose leaves
Your favorite teapot
A spoon
Paper and pencil
A kitchen timer

Brewing Steps:

Heat your water to just before it starts to boil
Put a tea bag into your teapot, or put 1 gram of loose leaf Wu-Long tea into your infuser
Let your tea steep for two minutes
After those two minutes, take a spoonful of the tea and let it breathe for another minute or two before you taste it so it cools down and the flavors begin to open
After you taste this spoonful of tea, write down if it was sweet, bitter, or somewhere in between
Do these two steps seven more times (once a minute for seven minutes)
Read over your notes and see which stage in the process produced your favorite flavor or tea
Now, you know exactly how you like Wu-Long tea. Your tea will be perfect every time! By setting your kitchen timer to your desired tea brewing time, you’ll enjoy your Okuma’s Wu-Long tea every time!

Additional Brewing Tips for Loose Leaf Wu-Long Tea:

Wu-Long loose leaf tea can also be brewed many other ways. Whatever brewing method you choose will not affect the health benefits of the tea. Try it:

Loose in a Teapot Put an infuser with one gram of loose leaves into your cup, and infuse for three to five minutes.  Then, take the infuser out and enjoy!
Traditional Chinese Lidded Teacup – In China, Wu-Long tea is enjoyed by steeping  it in a teacup with its own fitted lid, then drinking out of that same cup. Most Asian supermarkets carry these Chinese teacups with fitted lids. Put one gram of tea into the teacup, infuse, and let it steep for three to five minutes. Slide back the lid to sip and enjoy the tea.
A quick note about boiling water:

When heating your water, be careful not to let it boil. Boiled water will scold your tea leaves. Wu-Long tea is a special tea with unique and wonderful flavors that taste best with water just below the boiling point.

If your cup is too hot to hold without the handle, then the water is too hot for this specific type of tea.

Try Wu-Long For Life tea today to start becoming a healthy new you. If you don’t love this tea, you get your money back. If you have any more questions about Okuma’s Wu-Long tea products, visit our Wu-Long Tea FAQs or feel free to contact us for more information. Our friendly customer service center will be more than happy to answer any questions.


The Benefits of Okuma Nutritionals Oxidizing Tea

8 06 2010

Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Oxidation

Tea oxidation is very important for Oolong tea, according to tea masters.

What is Wu-Long Tea Oxidation?

Since it’s so important, Okuma’s Wu-Long tea is always oxidized to perfection. Tea oxidation helps break down the cells of the raw leaf so enzymes, polyphenol oxidase, and oxygen are exposed to the air. Tea oxidation needs clean, pure air. Mount Wu Yi region of Fujain is one of the purest places on earth, so it’s obvious that it’s the best place to get your tea from.

How Tea Oxidation Works:

Step One: Bruise a freshly plucked leaf by rolling it around in drums and laying it out in the sun. This is done so the proteins in the leaf break down.
Step Two: As the proteins break down, the leaf will begin to turn brown.  It then releases a fragrant scent and the tea’s flavor, since they are both stored within these proteins.
Step Three: The polyphenols (antioxidant) of the raw leaf are also exposed at this time.
Step Four: The fragrance, flavor, and polyphenols are released even more when the tea is finished brewing.

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Wulong For Life Tea Will Help With Weight Loss

8 06 2010

Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Can Help You Lose More Weight

Okuma’s Wu-Long tea can be used in addition to any diet and exercise plan to help you lose weight.

Research by the Department of Applied Nutrition at Tokushima University shows that drinking a cup of Wu-Long tea before eating food with carbohydrates helps your body absorb less fat. Since this tea burns fat, you can still eat the foods you love while on a diet.

According to the University of Tokushima School of Medicine, drinking Wu-Long tea will also help you burn more calories. Drinking Okuma’s Wu-Long tea can help you burn an extra 10% more calories.

So, even if you didn’t diet or exercise and you just drank Wu-Long tea, you would still lose weight. However, if you were to add this tea to your diet and exercise plan, even more weight would come off. The combination of the diet, exercise, and this tea is the key to your fat and calorie burning routine.

How Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea Works

Okuma’s Wu-Long fat burning tea naturally prevents fat absorption and boosts metabolism. There is a high number of polyphenols in Wu-Long tea that helps your body burn more calories. Wu-Long tea also has caffeine in it, which is shown to help increase metabolism as well. It actually has about one fourth the amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee has, yet still increases metabolism. This is because there is a higher level of polyphenols in this tea than any other tea. This is why Okuma’s Wu-Long For Life tea is a smart and safe addition to your diet and exercise plan.